Sally Williams Turkish Delight

Sally Williams Turkish Delight

Following on from their amazing nougat products, the South African Sally Williams brand also has the most incredible Turkish Delight to offer. Essentially, there are three variations to choose from: dark chocolate covered, milk chocolate covered or the rose collection. All are excellent but it’s this last one that, for us, is a superior gastronomic experience that will instantly create a new addiction in your life. And not just for your palate but also for your nose thanks to the rose petal extracts that are used, making this a synaesthetic experience. The other feature of this collection is the white, creamy topping that adds a light and fluffy layer to the melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It’s hard to imagine how much better Turkish Delight could get and we should all be thankful that companies like Sally Williams put so much care, know-how and pride in their products.

Tips: Makes a perfect gift for those special occasions. Even if it’s for yourself…

Make: Sally Williams

Price: £3.59

Country: South Africa


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