Sally Williams Honey Nougat

Sally Williams Honey Nougat

We love Sally Williams! The South African chef discovered the art of flavoured nougat and other sweet delights when wondering the streets of Marrakesh. Since then the company has been diligently producing the best kosher nougat around. Macadamia, Cranberry & Almond, Chocolate, Almond are just some of the varieties on offer and all are terrific. Bad nougat is hard and breaks you teeth. This is soft and melts in your mouth, complemented with the crunchiness of the nuts or lovely acidity of the cranberries. When this much care and love is put into food we all benefit. Bravo and ‘Thank You’ Sally!

Tips: Just don’t eat the whole box at once.

Make: Sally Williams

Price: £4.95

Country: South Africa


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