Pudology Chocolate Orange Pud

Pudology Chocolate Orange Pud

Creator and dessert maker Lucy Wager was diagnosed with a dairy and egg intolerance in 2010 and realised there were very few tasty treats for people like her, so she took to the kitchen and started creating. And you’ll find yourself forgetting these wonderful desserts are dairy and gluten free, that’s how good they are. Smooth, creamy with a generously full dose of chocolate and a hint of Brazilian orange oil, this is a high-class treat. Other flavours include strawberry and banoffee. It’s reassuring to see small, creative individuals making a real difference to the gourmet kosher product range. Indulge.

Tips: hide it from others

Make: Lucy Wager Foods LTD

Price: £2.00

Country: UK

Hechsher: LBD – parev

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