Petits Filous Little Desserts

Petits Filous Little Desserts

Finding ready made desserts that taste right and are not full of unhealthy junk is a bit of a tall order. Especially for the kids. Enter Petits Filous (literally ‘Little Rascals’) by Yoplait. What you get are extremely naturally tasting creamy desserts with almost homemade character. The range includes several fruity variations of yoghurts and Fromage Frais which all taste delicious, but we particularly like the Chocolate and Vanilla Dessert combo. These are dangerously moreish velvety, unctuous treats with a beautifully creamy texture. Deceptively classy and comes in convenient kiddies sizes.

Tips: Don’t be tempted to deprive your kids, just buy a few more for yourself…

Make: Yoplait

Price: £1.50

Country: France

Hechsher: Milky (not Cholov Yisrael)

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