Perry Court Farm Fruit Crisps

Perry Court Farm Fruit Crisps

As is so often the case, the simplest ideas are the best. Kent-based Perry Court Farm offer these fantastic, tasty fruit crisps that are just 100% fruit. Made using a completely natural drying process where warm air is blown over the fruit slices for hours and hours until crisp. This slow drying method keeps all the goodness of a fresh apple in the crisps, but allows you to keep it much longer (drying is a natural way of preserving fruit, used since the Ancient Egyptians!!). They use traditional English varieties of apple, including Cox orange Pippin, Laxtons Fortune and Ribstone Pippin. Needless to say, these are great for the kids. Stay away from the fatty, sweet, salty, greasy alternatives and give them these.

Tips: Anytime, anywhere.

Make: Perry Court Farm

Price: £0.70

Country: UK

Hechsher: NA

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