Papa Falcone Alici Anchovies

Papa Falcone Alici Anchovies

Anchovies are a bit of a neglected food. We all use and abuse tuna and salmon, but anchovies, or ‘Alici’ in Italian, are often left on the shelf with no sense of purpose. And yet these little fish are tremendously tasty and versatile. The Papa Falcone ones come from Morocco and are deliciously smooth and fresh. Salted, but not so much as to drown out the fish’s flavour. It’s time to re-discover these small, concentrated slices of sea.

Tips: The easiest and best way to enjoy anchovies is to put a couple on a slice of good country bread and butter (no margarine or other ersatz please…). The other more subtle use is to add a few to your tomato, garlic and onion pasta sauce. They will melt away and not be visible but will add a ton of flavour to a simple pasta dish.

Make: Papa Falcone

Price: £3.69

Country: Morocco


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