Agriform Grana Padano Cheese

Agriform Grana Padano Cheese

Parmesan is the king of cheeses. The Kohen Gadol of the dairy world. That’s why it costs so much but thank heavens we have some good kosher versions. Slightly less costly but almost equally as good is the Grana Padano. Like Parmesan, Grana is matured over many months in order to reach its full potential. It is slightly less crumbly than parmesan but is used in the same way. More a seasoning than a cheese, it will bring out the flavour of any food you put it on. Fit for royalty.

Tips: Pasta, obviously. But try also shavings on a salad or even on its own dipped in balsamic vinegar.

Make: Agriform

Price: £5.62

Country: Italy



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