Memmi Boutargue ‘Classique’ (Bottarga)

Memmi Boutargue ‘Classique’ (Bottarga)

What is that??!! This is definitely one of the stranger items on our website but you might just fall in love with this Sardinian speciality, so bear with us. Bottarga is a slab of compressed fish eggs, salted and dried. Don’t go away… It is absolutely delicious. A bit like dried caviar, it has a superbly subtle sea flavour that is extremely pleasing to ones taste buds. This ‘Classique’ version is made with mullet eggs but Memmi, a French company, make a whole range of differently flavoured Bottarga/Boutargue including one using tuna eggs and a honey aroma one. Bliss!!

Tips: OK so what do you do with it? Well, the classic use is to grate some over a dish of spaghetti, like parmesan, and that’s it! It’ll give a beautiful maritime piquancy to your mundane pasta. Make sure you don’t commit the crime of adding parmesan cheese to a fishy dish (you can get arrested in Italy, if caught…). Another use is to have it as an apéritif snack or appetiser by slicing the Bottarga in thin slivers and adding a few drops of lemon, on their own or on country bread toasts. To die for…

Beware!! make sure you remove the protective wax covering before using. Grated wax would be pushing the exotic adventure a bit too far…

Make: Memmi

Price: £13.99

Country: France


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