Lindt Excellence Chocolate Range

Lindt Excellence Chocolate Range

Lindt is a household name in the chocolate universe but they are still innovating and trying to surprise your taste buds with their Excellence range.
For instance, by adding sea salt grains to a smooth milk chocolate. It shouldn’t work but it does and amazingly well too, beyond all logic. The salt effectively bringing out the flavour of the cocoa. It’s a stroke of genius! The Coconut and Strawberry flavours are equally impressive, the end result always tasting natural and sophisticated, as opposed to being just artificial add-ons. These are not gimmicks but carefully calculated flavour experiments that hit the mark every time.

Tips: Slowly… One square at a time…

Make: Lindt

Price: £1.90

Country: Switzerland

HechsherMilky – Not Cholov Yisroel

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