Il Casolare Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Il Casolare Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As some of you may know after tasting your Channukah lights oil, not all olive oils are created equal. In fact, very much like wines, there is a huge variety of qualities even within the Extra Virgin category, depending on age, the quality of the olives used, whether they were cold-pressed (preferable), etc. Whereas the quality is often reflected in the price, Il Casolare olive oil is one of the exceptions. It is a superb cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil at a very reasonable price. Fresh and fruity with a slight peppery tingle, it tastes like a hot summer’s day in the Umbrian hills (where the company is based). Get it from Tesco or Sainsburys and enjoy. Even your Channukah lights will shine brighter…

Tips: although you can cook with it, this quality olive oil is best used cold on salads. Or you can try one of greatest foods of all time: Bruschetta. Get the best country or sour-dough bread you can (no sweetened breads please…), cut slices and toast them. Then rub a little raw garlic on each side, salt and douse in olive oil. It’s a meal in itself!

Make: Farchioni Oli SPA

Price: £7.50 (1L)


Country: Italy

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