Gustofino Salamis

Gustofino Salamis

Based in the Italian city of Parma renowned for it’s cured meats, Gustofino proposes a series of salamis that are all beautifully made and supremely tasty.  Names such as ‘l’Ungherese’, ‘Il Piccante’, ‘Il Campagnolo’, ‘Il Milano’ suggest the sources of inspiration for each variety. The slices are paper thin and are meant to be savoured one at a time. These are high class cold cuts for sophisticated palates. We found these extraordinary salamis in France but have not yet seen them in UK shops, even though there seems to be a UK importer. Hopefully the situation will be rectified soon as these products are well worth it.

Tips: These would be wasted in sandwiches. Just have them as a classy appetiser on their own or light crackers

Make: Gustofino

Price: variable

Country: Italy



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