Green & Black’s Chocolate

Green & Black’s Chocolate

Real chocolate lovers have a hard time finding truly satisfying kosher treats. So many products are just sugary confectionary which haven’t been remotely near a cocoa bean. Thankfully, a few available brands will come to the rescue, providing you are not hung up on Chalav Yisrael. Green & Black’s are one of them and their whole range is consistently excellent. Started in 1991 by Craig Sams, founder of organic food company Whole Earth, and his wife, Josephine Fairley, they named their chocolate after the confectionery brands of their childhoods, like Callard & Browser and Barker & Dobson. There is no Mr. Green or Mrs. Black. Green symbolises their strict organic principles and black represents the intensity of the chocolate. There are only three types of cocoa beans produced around the world: Trinitario, Criollo and Forestero (which makes up 98% of the world’s beans). Green & Black’s chocolate comes from the Trinitario beans. Cocoa farmers in Belize hand-harvest the cocoa pods, which contain about 45 individual cocoa beans. To further develop their pronounced cocoa flavour, the famers have to trigger the fermentation by covering the beans with banana leaves for about five days. After the cocoa beans are fermented then dried out in the sun. They are then ready to be processed into chocolate. Green & Black’s range offers a classy choice of flavours that are creative and truly original, like their ‘Lemon’, ‘Sea Salt’, ‘Burnt Toffee’ or, the latest, ‘Blood Orange’ bars. There is something for everyone, from smooth milky to the darkest of dark. But what always stands out is the intensity of the chocolate taste and the smoothness of the texture. This is a company run by chocoholics for chocoholics and it shows. (They are also exponents of fair-trade, sustainability and naturalness).

Tips: Make sure you explore the full range of flavours. You won’t get bored.

Make: Green & Black’s

Price: variable

Country: UK

Hechsher: Milky – non Chalav Yisrael

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