Good Hemp Oil

Good Hemp Oil

Henry Braham and Glynis Murray, the people behind the Good Hemp company, are both film industry practitioners who, after meeting 15 years ago while filming together, found they had something more in common than movies – both grew up on farms. They bought Collabear Farm in Devon in 1996, and started farming themselves. They started by looking at options for sustainable farming. Hemp had just been reintroduced to the UK – a crop that  had been key to the economy in Northern Europe for centuries, but had fallen out of fashion in recent years. It fitted their requirements perfectly. Hemp is hugely beneficial to the environment, and can be used in an impressive range of eco friendly products. It meant they could grow a crop that was both sustainable and profitable. Henry and Glynis grew hemp successfully for industrial fibre. But it was only when they picked and tasted the hemp seeds in the fields that they were inspired to develop a culinary oil. Hemp is a nutritional gem, very rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, and also in exactly the right ratio for it to be absorbed into the body.  According to numerous studies that means it is good for arthritis, cardiovascular disease, ADHD, skin and hair. The oil has a lovely rich, nutty flavour and is extremely versatile. So if you want to benefit from all this goodness and avoid the negative effects of other types of oil, climb onboard the hemp bandwagon and get cooking.

Tips: Can replace all other oil for cooking and add a nutty twist to your salad dressings.

Make: Braham and Murray

Price: £4.00 – 250ml

Country: UK

Hechsher: NA

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