Finn Crisps

Finn Crisps

We all love crackers. Kosher shops are lined with hundreds of varieties, a lot of them from Scandinavia, and one of life’s great decisions is which crackers to choose and be faithful to. Well, after much trial and error, we’ve made our choice. Finn Crisp are, as their name suggests, from Finland and were established in 1952, launched at Helsinki Summer Olympic games (now that’s National pride for you…). They have different varieties all of which come in a distinctive red packaging, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Their round Wholegrain Rye Crispbread Roggen for instance are superb. They have a firm texture which won’t crumble in your hand with a delicious country bread flavour. But it’s the Thins that really makes the Finn range stick out from the cracker crowd. These are amazing feat of food engineering, being incredibly thin and yet sturdy enough to support any toppings. They taste absolutely gorgeous with an original hint of woody nuttiness that will enhance the flavour of what’s on top. It’s hard to get carried away with crackers but then again to call Finn Crisps crackers is like calling a Rolls Royce a car.

Tips: Any topping will benefit enormously from being on one of these. Especially cheeses. Try them with a nice slice of Gouda.

Make: Vaasan

Price: £1.35

Hechsher: K

Country: Finland

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