Cirio Chopped Tomatoes & Passata

Cirio Chopped Tomatoes & Passata

For over 150 years Cirio in Italy have been producing some of the best canned tomatoes and vegetables. Any good pasta tomato sauce starts with some decent tomatoes. This seems obvious but all too often chopped tomatoes from a can have an unpleasant acidic taste that just doesn’t blend in with the other flavours in the sauce. Not so with Cirio’s Chopped Tomatoes and Passata. They are just great, fresh tasting tomatoes that will complement any other ingredient you wish to add to them. A solid foundation for all you saucy needs. We’re fans!

Tips: We’d recommend these cans above fresh tomatoes, as getting great tasting tomatoes in the UK is really hard. The base for any good tomato sauce is the ‘soffritto’ which is done by frying onion and garlic in olive oil and, just when they start to soften, adding the chopped tomatoes. Add salt and any other ingredients (tuna, olives, chillies, etc) for a superb, fresh pasta dish. The Passata is ideal for any pizza base before adding the cheese etc.

Make: Cirio

Price: 0.65

Hechsher: –

Country: Italy

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