Chocolate Chide

Chocolate Chide

So far, gourmet kosher chocoholics haven’t had an easy ride.

Apart from a few rare exceptions, the quality of chocolate that is Cholov Israel (supervised milk) or even Parev is an insult to the palate. Almost pure sugar content, this is chocolate that hasn’t even seen a photo of a cocoa bean! We know that this issue is not confined to the kosher world and that a lot of non-kosher mainstream chocolates are equally awful. But even some of the more expensive kosher boxed chocolates are unable to rise to the challenge of giving us a full-bodied, deep chocolate experience.

Looking at the ingredients doesn’t necessarily help as the cocoa content is often referred to as ‘cocoa mass’ which is the mixture of the essential and beneficial cocoa extracts (‘cocoa solids’ ) with a percentage of cheaper cocoa fat (‘cocoa butter’) which is used for texture. So only the manufacturer knows what the cocoa solids to cocoa butter ratio is. Throw in unspecified amounts of sugar and  flavourings, and the results can vary widely.

Fortunately, we are starting to see the emergence of small kosher artisanal chocolate manufacturers who take pride in what they do and are showing the big guys how it’s done. We can also rely on supermarket products from Lindt, Green & Blacks and the Italian Perugina to give us our daily dose of chocolate pleasure, but these are non-Cholov Israel and not specifically made for the kosher market.

So, come on kosher manufacturers! Serious chocoholics are waiting for you to take our needs seriously.

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