Amaretti del Chiostro Biscuits

Amaretti del Chiostro Biscuits

The stylish old-fashioned tin says it all. Amaretti are classic biscuits, symbolic of ancient Italian artisan food traditions. The recipe includes apricot kernels which impart the characteristic slightly bitter taste to the biscuits, hence the name which comes from amaro meaning ‘bitter’ in Italian. They are very light and crumbly with tiny sugar nuggets on top, and each one comes in its own individual paper wrapping. Amaretti have a classy, sophisticated taste that is testimony to their aristocratic lineage. There is also a liqueur called ‘Amaretto’ based on a similar bitter/sweet formula, better known in the UK as DiSaronno. The Chiostro in question is an old Franciscan cloister in the centre of the town of Saronno near Milan where the company has its HQ. Amaretti are much imitated but theses are the real thing. You might not find them in just any shop but they’re available online.

Tips: have one as and after-dinner treat or with a well-made espresso coffee. Makes a great gift!

Make: Chiostro Di Saronno – Lazzaroni

Price: £9.60

Hechsher: OU

Country: Italy

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