Antonio Russo Iced Desserts

Antonio Russo Iced Desserts

Parev ice cream has always been a bit of a contradiction in terms. Like meat-free meat. An exercise in ‘ersatz’ that’s doomed from the outset. Even though honourable (and less-honourable) attempts have been made, the results have always left a lot to be desired in terms of texture and taste. Well, here is some good news: Antonio Russo has picked up the challenge and come come pretty damn close to the mark! Their iced desserts are as good as it gets in terms of matching good dairy equivalents. Born out of a Friday night dinner table discussion (where else?..), the creative Russo team’s determination to bring the best possible parev ice cream to the kosher world paid off after some experimentation with soy and high quality ingredients. So far, they’ve developed 5 flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, apricot and coffee. All named with tongue-in-cheek ‘Italianised’ names (Antonio Russo is itself a Latinised version of one of the team’s names: Russell). They’re all excellent and will ensure that dessert is not the weakest link in your meaty meal anymore. We admire small ventures like Antonio Russo who take it upon themselves to create something truly good. As always, passion and skills (as opposed to just greed) are the driving forces behind raising the bar of our kosher choices. Grazie Antonio!

Tips: why not hire out the Antonio Russo’s vintage-style ice cream cart for your next wedding/bar-mitzva/social event? The company will even create more exotic flavours for you by request. See their website for details.

Make: Antonio Russo

Price: £5.85

Country: UK


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