Aberlour Whiskey

Aberlour Whiskey

Well after a busy day when you need an undemanding, soft, smooth, slightly sweet with a faint hint of peat, easy single malt – how about a glass of Aberlour. Pronounced to rhyme with the word ‘power’, this inexpensive ten year old, is a great example of a slightly spicey Speyside single malt. The nutty spice and the cherry sweetness is a really satisfying combination. This medium bodied whisky with its malty spicy nose, has a hint of nutmeg and a long fruity finish.

Speyside accounts for at least half of the Scotland’s single malt whisky distilleries. The Aberlour distillery is situated in beautiful countryside at the junction of the Lour and Spey Rivers. The clear spring water is drawn from the Lour. The distillery was established in 1879 by James Flemming on the site of the St Drostan’s Well. This secured a lasting supply of that pure spring water. Flemming was a modest and extremely generous man who built a community hall for the people of Aberlour and bequeathed funds for a hospital and a bridge over the River Spey. The family motto ( bestowed on it by Robert the Bruce) was “Let the Deed Show’ and this motto graces every bottle of this delicious dram.


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