Wilkin and Sons Preserves

Wilkin and Sons Preserves

In 1885 Arthur Charles Wilkin joined with two friends to form the Britannia Fruit Preserving Company. He stipulated that their jam should be free of glucose, colouring and preservatives. The first jam was of such high quality and impressed one Australian merchant so much that he arranged to buy every last pot. As new varieties were added the distinction between jams made with home grown fruit (Conserve) and foreign produce (Preserve) was made. Based in the Essex town of Tipree from which the company takes it’s name, this fruit farm’s early-day principles are still very much in evidence in their products today as these are really exceptional preserves. The taste is all natural and the flavours are fulsome with no artificial aftertaste in sight. It’s good to know that these probably taste the same way they 130 years ago…

Tips: Their range is huge so make sure you explore all the varieties on offer.

Make: Tiptree

Price: £2.50

Country: UK



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