The Biltong Factory

The Biltong Factory

If you are South-African finding good biltong away from home is probably pretty high up on your list of priorities. Well, the search is over. Two London boys have decided to start up their very own homemade biltong company. Using a secret recipe from his cousin in SA, Moshe Tatz, together with Marc Cohen, has fine-tuned the biltong production to perfection: it’s quite simply the best biltong you’re ever likely to eat anywhere. Available in three elegantly packaged flavours, Original, Sweet Chilli (mildly spicy) and Peri-Peri (pretty hot!), the meat is beautifully cured and not too hard. You won’t dislocate your jaw eating this. It’s the perfect balance of chewy and tender. The flavours are well chosen and you can easily get addicted to all of them. At the moment the biltong is not available in the shops so, to get your share, you need to get on the company’s mailing list ( They’ll take your order at the beginning of each week and then deliver to your door (in London) on Fridays. The success has been such that they can barely cope with the demand. So expect some expansion plans very soon… For a full article and interview see here.

Tips: Anytime, anywhere. But is also a great addition to a crunchy salad.

Make: The Biltong Factory

Price: 250g: £12.99 – 500g: £24.99 – 1KG:  £47.99

Country: UK



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