Galil Sundried Tomatoes

Galil Sundried Tomatoes

After much searching, we’ve finally found kosher sundried tomatoes that aren’t hard and rubbery. Despite the name, these come from Turkey and are semi-dried, therefore beautifully moist and soft, bringing out the full tangy, sweet flavour of the tomatoes. Delectable sunshine in a jar.

Tips: Salads obviously. But also just add them to pasta (no tomato sauce) with some fresh basil, garlic and olive oil and you’re done. Also makes a delicious pizza topping (don’t bake them at the same time as the pizza, though, or they’ll get burnt. Add on top as soon as you take the pizza out of the oven).

Make: Galil

Price: £ 5.99

Hechsher: OU

Country: Turkey

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