Soignon Ste Maure Goat’s Cheese

Soignon Ste Maure Goat’s Cheese

Goat’s cheese come in three varieties: fresh, cream cheese style, ripened like camembert with its traditional log-like shape or small drums that are more matured and dry . The Soignon is of the second variety. Sometimes goat’s cheeses can be a bit overwhelming, especially when over-ripe, but the Soignon is just on the right side of strong. Silky smooth with a full, tangy flavour, this will complement your cheese board perfectly.

Tips: As with all cheeses, try to serve at room temperature. Best on crackers but is also delicious hot on salads. The famous French ‘Chèvre Chaud’ salad consists of medium slices of ripened goat’s cheese heated in the oven and then placed on top of a fresh mixed salad of your choice. The combination is a simple but effective delight.

Make: Soignon – Eurial

Price: £3.65

Country: France


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