Shepherd’s Farm Sheep Cheese – Manchego Style

Shepherd’s Farm Sheep Cheese – Manchego Style

Sheep cheese is always special treat, with its distinctive farmyard aroma and ‘pinch’ on the tongue. The original Manchego is a classic unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese that comes from the Spanish region of La Mancha (Yes, Don Quixote’s territory…). This Shepherd’s Farm version is a good imitation, even though it’s made with pasteurised milk and is not as potent as the real thing. It has nevertheless an exquisite semi-strong flavour making a great alternative to cow’s milk cheeses. Buy this and you definitely won’t be tilting at windmills…

Tips: Apart from the usual sandwiches, this is a great cheese to eat just sliced with some olive oil. Makes a great appetiser.

Make: Shepherd’s farm

Price: £4.59

Country: Israel


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