Saint Albray Tranches Cheese

Saint Albray Tranches Cheese

Saint Albray is a flower-shaped cheese that comes from the Aquitaine region of France. Invented in 1976, the cheese is similar to Camembert but not as strong. When young, the soft ripened cheese is moist, rich and mellow, intensifying with age. At its peak, Saint Albray advances to a more robust, hearty flavour very typical of washed rind cheeses. This packaged sliced version, as opposed to the smaller whole version, is definitely on the more mature side as it has an amazingly rich aroma and taste which can be further enjoyed by eating the cheese along with its rind. That’s where the flavour is. These slices really are something special that take you by surprise. A certain nutty earthiness that perfectly blends with the mild tinge of bitterness. This is one of our favourites. Please discover asap!

Tips: Goes well with fruits, good breads and a nice Pinot Noir or Chianti wine. Eat with the rind!!

Make: Saint Albray

Price: variable

Country: France


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