Teperberg Sangiovese Red (2012)

Teperberg Sangiovese Red (2012)

We love Teperberg wines! Based in the lower Jordanian hills, it is one of the largest wine producers in Israel. This bottle is part of their Silver series which are entry-level wines (ie. cheaper). Sangiovese is originally an Italian grape from which all Chiantis are made of. A velvety grape with quite low levels of tannins but high acidity. Dry, medium body and slightly aged with a light purple colour, it has a soft, round, character. A good easy-drinking table wine. Open at least half an hour before drinking. Serve at room temperature and drink within 2 days.

Tips: Great accompaniment to pasta with tomato sauce. And with cheese.

Winery: Teperberg

Price: £15.00

Mevushal: Yes

Country: Israel

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