Ben Ami – Galil – Chardonnay White (2013)

Ben Ami – Galil – Chardonnay White (2013)

Ben Ami is a sister company of Barkan and they produce this very nice young, crisp Chardonnay from the Galil which has been kept in stainless steel vats, as opposed being aged in oak barrels (so no oaky or vanilla hints), but this is how young whites are meant to be kept in order to retain their freshness. A medium to full bodied wine. Fruity and light with pineapple and peach aromas. Once opened can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days. Drink chilled but not frozen (8 to 9 degrees).

Tips: Fish and chicken dishes but also on its own as aperitif.

Winery: Ben Ami

Price: £10.00

Mevushal: Yes

Country: Israel

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