Cardova Rioja Crianza Red (2009)

Cardova Rioja Crianza Red (2009)

Crianza means red wines are aged at least 12 months in a barrel plus one year in the bottle. 2009 was great vintage for Riojas creating this medium to full bodied, dark crimson-colour wine. Made with 100% Tempranillo grapes, it’s beautifully velvety with liquorice, plums and tobacco aromas. Aged in smaller American oak, which give it a softer oak aroma with a slight vanilla flavour (compared to the stronger oaky French barrels). A complex wine with a long finish. This is as good as Riojas get!

Tips: Chicken and heavier red meat dishes: lamb, steak, etc.

Winery: Ramon Cardova

Price: £17.00

Mevushal: No

Country: Spain

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