Ermitage Raclette Cheese

Ermitage Raclette Cheese

Ah! Here is an interesting one. Raclette is a traditional French dish for which you need a special cooking set placed on the table during the meal. A bit like a fondue. Slices of cheese are put on little square pans, melted and then poured on your plate over potatoes and vegetables. It is utterly delicious and a fun meal for the whole family! But even if you don’t have the whole kit you can still enjoy the fantastic cheese in many different ways. It has a full, strong taste with a smell to match but is exceptionally unctuous and moreish.

Tips: melt it on jacket potatoes, toast, vegetables or anything you can think of. Also, excellent in sandwiches without melting.

Make: Ermitage

Price: £5.69

Country: France


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