Providence Deli Sauces and Relishes

Providence Deli Sauces and Relishes

Now here is something special: a new Kosher company who decides they’d rather sell in big supermarkets first then in Kosher shops. Thus competing with all other non-kosher products. That’s confidence for you. And the Providence Deli people have a lot to be confident about, as their range is superb! At the moment they only carry 5 products but it’s certainly a case of quality over quantity. Sourced from high-quality traditional Israeli manufacturers, each of these jars is packed with natural flavour and cries out just one word: “Sunshine!”

The Black Olive Paste is rich, silky-smooth and beautifully oily, the Basil Pesto has over 40% basil content with a punchy taste to match, the Onion Relish is delicately sweet and tangy, perfect for that mature Cheddar cheese sandwich, the Fiery Harissa is mouth-meltingly explosive (not for the faint hearted) but still full of the peppers’ aroma and finally the Sun Dried Tomatoes are probably the best we’ve ever tasted, with none of that rubbery/chewy quality often found in similar products, they are more semi-dried tomatoes and therefore perfectly juicy and zesty.

Currently only available in Waitrose supermarkets, you could build a whole meal around these 5 sauces (all vegetarian and dairy-free) and come away feeling you’ve just been on a sunny Mediterranean holiday. Well done Providence Deli for showing that Kosher food can be thoroughly modern, skilful, healthy and compete with the best of the rest. We can’t wait for their next instalments of food delights.

Tips: It’s hard to come up with instances of where these sauces would NOT work. From antipasti to sandwiches and from meats to pasta, they are a cook’s best friends. Just use your imagination…

Make: Providence Deli

Price: £2.69 – £2.99

Country: Israel



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