City Spotlight: Nice (France)

City Spotlight: Nice (France)

Ah! The Côte d’Azur… the sea… the sun… Easyjet…  Nice is probably one the most popular holiday destinations for the Jewish traveller as it offers, on top of all the above, also good Kosher facilities due to its sizeable Jewish community.

The main Jewish area is just north and just south of Nice’s railway station. There you’ll find all the shops and eateries you need. We’ve selected four special places not to be missed during your next visit. Nice and easy…


‘Kitchen’ (French Fusion cuisine – meaty)

First up is ‘Kitchen’, a brand new restaurant beautifully located opposite the picturesque Nice harbour. Run by Michael Brakha who has had a string of kosher restaurants on the Côte d’Azur and Paris. ‘Kitchen’ is his latest venture and is an intimate, colourful venue inside a typically Nicois portico. Despite some passing traffic, sitting outside on a warm evening is as good a Mediterranean ‘al fresco’ experience as it gets. 

The menu is short which is always a good sign. Means the freezers aren’t full of stuff and the dishes are more likely to be cooked there and then from fresh ingredients. This turned out to be the case here.

For starters we had ‘Tartare de Thon’, a delicately prepared dish of finely shredded raw tuna on a bed of bread and salad, and the classic Nicois salad that bears its name ‘Salade Nicoise’. This was simple and to the point where the freshness of the ingredients is everything. 


 Next up were two dishes you are unlikely to find anywhere in the UK: ‘Escalope de Veau aux Cepes’ a creamy (soya…) mushroom sauce covering a thin veal cutlet accompanied by penne pasta, and ‘Pavé de Boeuf aux Cèpes’, a perfectly cooked inch-thick fillet steak with a porcini mushroom sauce on the side together with broiled vegetables.


Desserts were a mouthwatering ‘Mousse au Chocolat’ and ‘Salade de Fruits Frais’, a cocktail of fresh fruits.


 Throughout the dinner Michael proved to be a friendly and attentive host. Here is a man who knows his trade and takes great care in providing a level of kosher gastronomy that is on a par of any non-kosher equivalent. Beautiful presentation, attention to detail and, more importantly, great tasting food make ‘Kitchen’ one of the top kosher restaurants in Europe. Worth the Easyjet ticket alone…

Kitchen5 Place Ile de Beauté06300 Nice Le Porttel: 09 52 51 67 16


Interview with Michael Bracka – owner of ‘Kitchen’

See the ‘Kitchen’ menu. All prices in Euros. (click to enlarge)


The ‘Kitchen’ interior

KineretEXT KineretWindow

‘Le Kineret’ (Deli/Patisserie)

‘Le Kineret’ is a charming deli and the perfect place to buy take-away snacks for lunch. You can also sit down for something more substantial.

This is a typical French Boulangerie/Patisserie/Traiteur, providing everything from fresh bread to pizzas and quiches, fresh pastries, croissants and sandwiches. But you can also buy cooked dishes such as Chicken Tajine, Salmon Carpaccio, Paella, and more. Two Nicois specialities are the ‘Pissaladière’, a mouth-watering onion pizza, and the ‘Pan Bagnat’, a large sandwich filled with what is essentially a Salade Nicoise. Gorgeous snacks and perfect beach lunches that will have you coming back for more.


Le Kineret37bis Avenue Georges Clemenceau06000 Nicetel: 04 93 87 56 36


‘Le Keter’ (snack / restaurant – milky)

Just a few doors up from ‘Le Kineret’ is another special ‘K’: ‘Le Keter’. This is an informal but cosy place with a pleasant outside terrace, despite it being on the road.

The menu is extensive and well priced: pasta, salads, potato gratins, sandwiches and even a comprehensive sushi list. So there’s plenty of take-away options if you need food for your outings.

But, for, us, the main attraction of ‘Le Keter’ are the pizzas. They are fantastic! Real Italian-style versions, as opposed to American, with a thin, crispy dough, real tomato sauce, real mozzarella and a good choice of toppings. All pizzas are Mezonos but have none of the sugary side-effects like so many UK pizzas. It’s the real thing! Tasty and affordable.


Supervision: Nice Beis Din

Le Keter41 Avenue Georges Clemenceau06000 Nicetel: 04 93 76 02 87 – 06 17 69 55 65


‘Le Keter’ – panoramic view


Naouri Market

In a quarter north of the railway station, this supermarket is one of the best places in town to stock up on all kosher supplies. It has all the familiar products found in UK shops but also a few surprises up its sleeve in the shape of some great gourmet delights and a selection of exotic Sephardi flavours.

Naouri Market122/124 Boulevard Gambetta06100 Nicetel: 04 93 87 93 08

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