Loch Duart Oak Roasted Salmon

Loch Duart Oak Roasted Salmon

Smoked salmon is the ubiquitous Jewish dish par excellence. Over the years it has gone from being an expensive sign of luxury to a common staple ingredient for snacks and appetisers. This has had a definite detrimental effect on the quality of some smoked salmon out there. Too many times have we experienced oily, smelly, rubbery versions that have put us off the stuff for a period of time. But our faith and taste buds were restored thanks to a few higher quality producers who still care about what they do. Loch Duart is a Sutherland-based company at the very tip of Britain’s mainland that claims a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to salmon-rearing. This means that their fish are as close as it can get to being wild. The results are superb. This oak roasted flaky version has a sophisticated aroma and texture that satisfies both palate and nose. The flavour is not over-powering and the flakiness is not due to the fish being too dry. Just beautifully tasty. An artisanal masterpiece.

Tips: on its own or with some avocado. No need for lemon or condiments. Just enjoy.

Make: Loch Duart

Price: £4.89

Hechsher: MK

Country: UK

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