Glenivet 18 Year Old Whiskey

Glenivet 18 Year Old Whiskey

The little River Livet which flows into the Spey is the home of the most famous glen in Scotland. It is set in the mountains and the water often flows for many miles underground. The unique water and ideal whisky distilling conditions give the character to these light, clean, flowery and spicey single malt whiskies.

George Smith was the first to produce whisky of such distinctive elegance and quality. His whisky went on to define the taste of Speyside. There were many trying to emulate these distinctive Scotch’s and calling themselves Glenlivet. This gave rise the the name The Glenlivet, which set the original apart from the copycats.

This 18 year old is the perfect expression of age and elegance. It is smooth and soft, yet complex and zesty. The colour is golden brown with an expression of late Autumn. The nose is a unique blend of woody oak and sweet ripe fruit with a hint of caramel. And then it hits your tongue and your palate!! Ah the joy of the superbly smooth creamy fluid combined with an explosion of spices, citrus acidity and oaky nuttiness. All of these complex flavours are savoured in the long finish.


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