Fjord King Caviars

Fjord King Caviars

Caviar has always been perceived as THE gourmet food. Expensive enough to be out of reach for most of us. Real caviar is still very much a luxury but thankfully there are more affordable variations which, in our opinion, are just as tasty. Fjord King is a Kosher Parisian fishery that has been producing a wide variety of high quality products since 1971. We managed to get hold of two of the fish egg jars and they are superb. The Alaskan Wild Salmon and the Capelin eggs are both smoothly delicate in taste and not too fishy… These are classy, subtle flavours that will give your palate a royal experience. We look forward to exploring more of Fjord King’s range which will hopefully be available in the UK soon.

Tips: eat slightly chilled and spread thinly on a buttered cracker (real butter, please).

Make: Fjord King

Price: variable

Country: France



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