Collverd Magret de Canard Seché

Collverd Magret de Canard Seché

Collverd is located in the middle of the Empordà Region, between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea, very near to the region’s wetland reserve of the Aiguamolls. This is a strategic point connecting Catalunya, Spain and France. For the past 30 years, Collverd has been rearing free-range cereal-fed ducks, guaranteeing the high quality of a wide range of products like foie gras, confit de canard, pâtés, etc. Magret is duck breast. This Magret Seché is dried, cured and smoked and is one of the most sophisticated delicacies around. The slightly strong flavour of the duck meat and fat is offset by the delicate curing and smoking process creating a perfect gastronomical work of art. Sadly, these products are not currently available in the UK so get your hands on some during your next trip to the continent or try to order online.

Tips: to be savoured one at a time on thin crackers or as a topping on a fresh green salad.

Make: Collverd

Price: approx £10

Country: Spain



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