Caseificio Villa Ricotta Cheese

Caseificio Villa Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is quite a thick, saltless Italian cream cheese that is usually found mixed in with other ingredients or as part of a dish, like the filling in Ravioli and Cannelloni pasta. The Caseificio Villa, based near the northern Italian lake region, make a particularly good quality Ricotta with a beautiful moist freshness to it. If you need it, this is one of the best around.

Tips: Not everybody knows what to do with Ricotta but it is an incredibly versatile cream cheese. Because it is almost saltless you can use it in savoury and sweet dishes alike. Best use is as pasta filling mixed in with mushrooms, spinach  or sundried tomatoes. But it is also delicious in sweet pancakes, blintzes-style. Or just as a spread. Experimentation is encouraged.

Make: Caseificio Villa

Price: £2.59

Country: Italy


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