Bear Fruits

Bear Fruits

Kids’ nosh is an on-going problem for health-conscious parents. So we love it when manufacturers are creative with their products and show real concern for the health of their customers. Bear is such a company and they’ve been amazingly successful with their line of pure fruit nibbles. All their products are made of just fruit compressed into fun shapes. From their YoYo’s (rolled up thin strips) to Paws (small bits shaped as different animals’ paws), Bear’s variations are as fun as food can get. There are different flavours and their packets also contain colourful collectible fact cards about countries of the world. Obviously the kids love them (we’ve seen cards being swapped in playgrounds…) and the nibbles taste fabulous. Like eating compact pieces of fresh fruit. We urge all parents to divert their children’s unhealthy nosh habits to products like Bear. Everyone will be happy.

Tips: What is good for the kids is also good for the parents. Indulge!

Make: Bear

Price: variable

Country: UK

Hechsher: NA

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