Antésite Liquorice Concentrate

Antésite Liquorice Concentrate

Now here’s an interesting one. Antésite was created in 1898 by a French pharmacist Noël Perrot-Berton as an antidote to the problem of alcoholism amongst railway workers, who, especially during the hot summer months, drank copious amounts of ‘Anisette’ (of which ‘Antésite’ is an anagram). Just a few drops, diluted in water, make the perfect natural ‘thirst killer’. The secret formula has remained unchanged for over a century. With no sugar, colourings or artificial additives, Antésite comes in many flavours (Anis, Mint, Lemon, Eucalyptus and more) all in the same distinctive little bottle. It’s a simple but superb idea that really works. Transform a plain glass of water into a fresh tasty unsweet drink for the whole family. Proof that necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Tips: We haven’t yet seen this available in the UK (importers, take note!). Try to get hold of a bottle online or during your next trip to France. Just follow the instructions. A few drops in water. That’s it!

Make: Antésite

Price: around £5.00

Country: France



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