Almondina Biscuits

Almondina Biscuits

As the packet says, this is a gourmet cookie, cracker and snack all in one. We cannot but agree while enjoying these wafer-thin, crunchy delights. Laced with roasted almonds and raisins, Almondina somehow is more than the sum if its parts and becomes a hugely moreish snack for any time of day. It also extremely low in cholesterol, no added sugar, salt or fat. But there is also a story behind the biscuit. Apparently it was originally made over seventy years ago in Haifa by one Yuval Zaliouk’s French grandmother Dina, which she called ‘petit gateau sec‘ (literally ‘small dry biscuit’). After her death Zaliouk decided to continue her legacy by renaming it Almon-Dina and it has since become a hit with health-conscious gourmet consumers. The Almondina range has now grown to include variations such as cinnamon, chocolate, ginger, sesame, pistachios, and more. A tribute to old-fashioned simplicity and tastiness. and to grandma Dina.

Tips: Anytime, anywhere. Great for the kids too.

Make: Almondina

Price: £2.79

Country: USA


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