OK, it’s kosher, but is it any good?…

In recent years there has been an explosion of new kosher food products appearing on the UK shelves. Equally, the number of kosher restaurants, snack bars, cafés and food shops in general has increased exponentially. The Jewish community is now more gastronomically aware than ever before, keen to discover new tastes and flavours from around the globe. Also, the ever-widening range of exotic holiday destinations has opened new cultural and culinary horizons to the Kosher traveller.

The Kosher Gourmet Guide is UK’s only independent kosher food review online magazine. We select and review what we consider the best kosher products available. We also review restaurants, eateries and shops. We highlight health issues, have special features on creative food manufacturers and more. Non-Jewish supermarkets and shops are also assessed for their kosher content.

Independence: the KGG is completely independent. We are ordinary food-lovers and consumers and our reviews are based purely on personal opinion. In no way are we influenced by advertisers or sponsors (no freebies – we buy all the products we review). Our only bias is our taste buds. If we like it, we’ll review it.

Quality: our focus is on quality rather than quantity. We look for products that stand out for the excellence and freshness of their ingredients, value for money and, of course, taste. We also offer tips on how best to use each product and some serving suggestions. Availability of the products reviewed is very much dependent on retailers’ stocks, seasonal imports and demand. Some items may be harder to find than others. Prices shown are what we paid for at the time of review and may vary.

Creativity: recently there has been an exciting growth of home-based producers and small businesses dedicated to creating fresher, less processed and healthier quality kosher foods. The slightly old-fashioned traditional image of observant Jewish families just eating gefillte fish and cholent is slowly evolving to a more cosmopolitan and adventurous picture. Retailers are putting more and more effort in attracting their shoppers to new products with in-store events, wine-tasting sessions, special offers etc. Equally, restaurants of all ethnic flavours have been appearing on Jewish high streets. Chinese, Indian, Italian, South-American, Thai eateries can now be seen side by side with the more ubiquitous Israeli, Ashkenazi and American diners. The KGG brings you the best of what’s on offer.

Health: food-related disorders such as obesity, heart-disease, diabetes, high blood-pressure together with high sugar, salt and cholesterol diets have increased at an alarming rate, affecting adults and children. More and more people are turning to doctors and nutritionists for help to tackle their weight and health problems and to guide them towards healthier eating habits. The KGG is on an on-going campaign to improve our eating habits by checking food ingredients for fat and sugar contents, additives and over-processed elements. We also engage with retailers, manufacturers and producers, giving them consumer feedback and, when possible, create an on-going dialogue to improve the quality and healthiness of their products.

Travel (coming soon): we’ll be homing-in on different European cities, highlighting the best kosher shops and eateries as well as selected hotel and tourist information. We will also be compiling a comprehensive database of kosher products available in every European country, to help Jewish travellers sample as much of local delights as possible. For this we are seeking advice and support from the relevant Kashrus authorities and Rabbis in each country. Watch this space…

As today’s Kosher food-lovers, we demand and deserve the same choice, variety and quality as our non-Jewish counterparts. Rather than find our way through the maze of products by trial and error, the Kosher Gourmet Guide provides a central point of information and resources to make informed choices and improve our gastronomical lives at home and away.

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Disclaimer: all opinions and ideas expressed on this website are personal and subjective. We do not guarantee the accuracy of products’ prices, availability, kashrus or hechsherim and take no responsibility for eventual errors. Please check all products carefully before buying.

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