Aberfeldy Whiskey

Aberfeldy Whiskey

The Aberfeldy distillery was established in 1898 and can be found on the edge of Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands.  The distillery is located where Pertshire’s highest mountain, deepest loch and longest glen meet- historically and geographically the “heart of Scotland.”  On the South bank of the River Tay, the water for this delicious dram comes from the fresh spring water of the Pitilie Burn.

Aberfeldy has a rich orangey, golden colour.  The nose is a heather-honey fruity aroma – a hint of citrus.  The taste is sensational!  This full bodied scotch has soft smooth texture allowing you to enjoy the rich fruity flavour and savour the slight spiciness.  The spiciness has a flavour of oranges and a dry undertone. It has a lingering long finish that strokes the palate and caresses the taste buds!  A great soothing, satisfying dram after a busy day at work.


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